What We Bring To You

Mobile Fluoroscopy Rental

  • Don’t lose productivity from a malfunctioning fluoroscopy unit
  • Increase your productivity by using an additional fluoroscopy unit
  • We bring everything directly to your facility:
    • Fluoroscopy Unit
    • Fluoroscopy Table
    • Lead Aprons
    • Mayo Tray
    • BP Cuff
    • O2 Sensor
    • Comfort Pillows for Patient
    • Cervical Pillow
    • Technician to assist

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Improvements made in fluoroscopy since the 1980s has allowed doctors, surgeons, and other specialists to perform delicate procedures for their patients. These procedures, requiring precision and exact placement within unseen areas of the body, can often be done in an outpatient capacity. The advent of this type of technology has changed the medical industry forever.

With a mobile fluoroscopy unit, you can treat patients in the comfort of your office without requiring them to travel to another facility or check into a hospital for a lengthy or expensive stay.

Fluoroscopy involves the use of x-ray technology that limits the risks to the patient and much of those risks can be mitigated by working with trained technicians. Mobile fluoroscopy rental allows for Acute Diagnostics to bring with them everything necessary for a safe and effective procedure. You don’t need to worry about expensive maintenance of the unit itself or additional tools such as the table, lead aprons, a mayo tray, or hiring new technicians.

Considering all of the additional items necessary for proper fluoroscopy procedures it is beneficial to work with Acute Diagnostics who can provide these items as a cost of their services so you don’t need to make the costly investment.

Having additional fluoroscopy units at your disposal on busy days or for special procedures can increase your facility’s productivity without becoming a burden on your budget.

Our mobile c-arm technology and the trained technicians can come to your facility to work with your patients in a familiar environment. This can allow you to perform more procedures and assist more patients with their needs.

Our technicians are trained in working with our equipment so you don’t need to hire additional staff to perform the same functions. By scheduling a mobile c-arm or fluoroscopy device into your office you are taking advantage of equipment without investing in the care and maintenance of having it in your office.

To learn more about mobile fluoroscopy, podiatry, interventional pain management, orthopedic procedures, and outpatient surgery center technology contact Acute Diagnostics.

Our mobile c-arm units can also assist training facilities in cadaver teaching courses. These courses train physicians with the real human anatomy to perform these delicate and intricate procedures. There is no computer simulation that can replace real hands-on experience with the human body.

Care and maintenance of these types of technologies can be cost prohibitive for small practices. Acute Diagnostics can help you with your needs and help you service your patients with the most advanced care available on today’s market. Contact us today to learn more.