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You can expand your services without affecting your budget. This can allow you to treat
more patients with more complex procedures without sending them to another facility.

We offer a complete mobile fluoroscopy rental service
to any office, surgery center, or location of your choice.

Welcome to Acute Diagnostics

We appreciate you taking the time to visit our website and we hope to have the opportunity to meet you soon. Acute Diagnostics provides mobile c-arm or fluoroscopy for your facility. When you rent our services we provide all the additional equipment and a trained technician to assist with procedures which you can perform in the comfort of your own facility.

What is Mobile Fluoroscopy

Also called a mobile C-arm, a fluoroscopy unit can be brought into your facility to perform delicate and sensitive procedures. These machines project a live feed of the area of the body to assist these procedures. They do this by using x-ray imaging.

Mobile units are smaller and more maneuverable than their fixed counterparts. This also makes them expensive to purchase but cost effective to rent.

A mobile c-arm or fluoroscope is also a benefit to patients. Because they can be brought into your office you do not have to inconvenience your patients by requiring them to schedule at another facility. These machines can minimize the invasiveness of the procedure allowing many complicated procedures to be performed in an outpatient capacity. They can be used to perform diagnostics to determine what the patient’s primary condition is and how it is being caused as well as repair and interventional procedures which can bring relief to the patient.

This technology is exceptionally precise which allows doctors to perform delicate procedures safely and effectively without intensive surgery.

Acute Diagnostics is cost effective for you and your facility. We come to your office saving you and your patients both time and money. Your operation doesn’t need to be responsible for the cost of care and maintenance of any of the mobile machines. You also won’t experience downtime if a machine is malfunctioning or requires extensive repairs. Your practice won’t need to make any additional hiring decisions which can be costly.

Diagnosing and treating a variety of conditions requires advanced specialization. With the help of mobile c-arm and fluoroscopic technology our services can provide additional benefits to you and your patients directly in your office.

Contact Acute Diagnostics to determine how our mobile c-arm and fluoroscopy technology can benefit you and your practice today!

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"We are extremely pleased with all aspects of Acute Diagnostics services. The techs are well prepared, get set up early, courteous, professional and the prices are significantly less than other companies providing similar services. We have been using Acute Diagnostics services for close to 2 years and highly recommend them."